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Aquarêve was born in 1991, driven by a team passionate about fireworks, live performances and water sports.


Over the years we have established ourselves as a major player in land and water based firework displays.


We design customized turnkey events, which enables us to offer original displays calling on many different aspects of performance.


We create our own staging and use materials that are at the forefront of the latest technology to bring an extra dimension to our projects.


We hope to convey our passion to the public through our displays.


What do we do ?


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Matthieu Infanti

Project Manager

Tél: +33 6 81 80 17 83

Tél : +33 3 87 60 16 49

Mail: contact.aquareve@gmail.com


52 Rue de l'Étang


Dominique Infanti


Tél: +33 6 09 91 54 12